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Air quality and climate change, environmental quality of public spaces in cities and indoor environment especially in schools are areas that engage most citizens and other stakeholders. Access to information varies with user group and issue. Needs for information, and engagement in the issue, also vary with user group. Sources of information vary across the issues: in some areas, many information sources can be combined to provide high quality information; for other issues, no or very little information is available. CITI-SENSE will develop “citizens’ observatories” to empower citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance, to enable them to support and influence community and societal priorities and associated decision making. CITI-SENSE will develop, test, demonstrate and validate a community-based environmental monitoring and information system using innovative and novel Earth Observation applications. The movie below gives an overview of the project.

Outdoor air quality in Oslo

Air quality in cities is an area that benefit from direct engagement of citizens. Oslo Citizens’ Observatory wants to empower citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance, to support and influence community and societal priorities and associated decision-making.

The Oslo Citizens’ Observatory initiative will assess how new technologies, such as low-cost sensors and innovative information and communication technologies, can empower citizens to actively monitor their personal environment and how crowdsource data can help improve city management.

The technology is very novel, and there are still challenges in the use of the sensor data. However, sensors will be part of our future. Studying how sensor technologies for air quality monitoring can be part of our life and anticipating their use is our goal.

In the framework of CITI-SENSE project, Oslo is part of a network of cities building Citizens’ Observatories. Barcelona, Belgrade, Edinburg, Haifa, Ljubljana, Ostrava and Vienna have also their own Citizens’ Observatory. Learn more about them at http://co.citi-sense.eu.

Below is a news broadcast from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation explaining the project.  

Novel sensor platforms to monitor air pollution

In the Oslo Citizens’ Observatory we are testing low-cost air quality sensors to monitor air pollution. We are using the following different platforms: 

1. Static platforms mounted in kindergartens measuring NO, NO2, O3, CO, PM10, PM2.5, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and noise.

2. Mobile platforms mounted in buses measuring NO2 and CO. An OBS in the bus also collects data on GPS location, fuel consumption and speed. That data can help to estimate carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

3. Personal platforms that will be carried by people measuring NO2, O3, CO, temperature and relative humidity. The platforms are connected with a mobile phone using Bluetooh, data on physical activity and GPS is retrieved from the phone.

We are looking for volunteers to carry personal platforms. If you want to participate, please send an email to oslo_co@nilu.no and we will provide you with further information.

The project has also experimented with use of sensors on bicycles. The video below provides additional information.

The data from the sensors in sent to a common database. A team of researchers will check the data collected, will store them, analyze them, and use them to further scientific research and, possibly, policy making in the area of protecting our environment and health. 

The research team will also use the data to understand better what works/doesn’t work for involving citizens in these issues and how to improve the operation of the project.

We will publish the results of the analysis in this webpage. For instance, we will use data fusion techniques to generate air pollution maps over Oslo every hour. You will soon be able to check them out!

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For more detailed information about the projects, please visit www.citi-sense.eu and www.citi-sense-mob.eu.

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